GC fue fundada por Kiyoshi Nakao, Yoshinosuke Enji y Tokuemon Mizuno

el 11 de febrero de 1921 en Tokio, Japón.

En 2021 celebramos

"100 años de Calidad en el Mundo Dental"

GC marked its 100th anniversary on February 11, 2021



Orthodontic Cleaning Agent GC ORTHO GEL CONDITIONER is a unique, 20% polyacrylic gel conditioner. This product is designed to mildly condition the enamel before application of a GC orthodontic luting cement. GC ORTHO GEL CONDITIONER will clean the surface effectively to achieve increased levels of chemical adhesion without causing damage to the enamel. The conditioner is delivered in a syringe with brush tips for easy application.

Available in a syringe with brush tips for easy application Increases bond strength without damaging enamel Blue tint for application control